Authenticate and access the MicroPerimeter™ Dashboard

Access the Dashboard

Expose the Dashboard

After installing all the necessary services we can finally access the MicroPerimeter™ Security Dashboard. To do so first we need to expose the service. The easiest way to do it is via the kubectl port-forward command that will proxy the Kubernetes service port directly to your localhost.

To do so please run:

kubectl -n microperimeter-services port-forward \
  $(kubectl get pod -n microperimeter-services -l app=microperimeter-edge -o jsonpath='{.items[0]}') \

As an output you should get following:

 Forwarding from [::1]:18123 -> 8080
 Forwarding from -> 8080


Having the port forwarded, you can just go to http://localhost:18000/dashboard to access MicroPerimeter™ Dashboard. You should be welcomed by the Login Screen.

Login Screen If you decided to keep the default configuration, clicking on the Login will redirect you to Cloudentity IdaaS for authentication.

Login Screen

Use the credentials of the user you used during the trial account registration and activation process. If you run into any trouble please reach out to our sales team for assistance.

After successful authentication you will be asked to authorize your client application:

Login Screen

You will be redirected to MicroPerimeter™ Dashboard:

Dashboard Screen


Utilizing the lefthand dropdown you can switch between different namespaces available in your Minikube Kubernetes.

Dashboard Screen

In the microperimeter-services namespaces you will notice dashboard services being protected by MicroPerimeter™ Sidecar. If you switch to default namespace you should expect no services being detected, we will fix it by deploying example application.

Dashboard Screen