Install, start and prepare Minikube environment

Prepare environment

MicroPerimeter™ Security software can check if you installed the correct version of the necessary software. After downloading and unzipping MicroPerimeter™ Security in terminal navigate to unzipped package e.g.:

cd /home/usr/microperimeter

Go to the kubernetes directory:

cd kubernetes

You can verify the software prerequisites by running:


The output of the above command will provide you with information if you have correct versions of the necessary software.

Setup of minikube

To install MicroPerimeter™ Security on minikube you need to have minikube 0.34.x installed.

How to install minikube, please refer to

Start minikube

To start minikube please execute the command below:

minikube start \
  --kubernetes-version v1.13.3 \
  --memory=6144 \

It might take a while if you do it for the first time.

After starting minikube successfully wait about 30 seconds. This time is necessary for minikube to start all of its base pods.

Then execute the command below to create cluster-admin role:

kubectl create clusterrolebinding add-on-cluster-admin \
  --clusterrole=cluster-admin \

If a service account has not already been installed for Tiller, install one by executing:

kubectl apply -f helm/helm-service-account.yaml

Install Tiller (in-cluster component of Helm) on your cluster with the service account:

helm init --service-account tiller --wait

Now you are ready to start installing MicroPerimeter™ components.