Debugging Installation of MicroPerimeter™ Security using Helm

Check status of the installation

To check MicroPerimeter™ Security installation lists all deployments:

helm ls

The output of the command will be:

NAME                       REVISION    UPDATED                     STATUS      CHART                            APP 2.4.0    NAMESPACE
efk                        1           Tue Mar  5 20:50:27 2019    DEPLOYED    efk-2.0.0                        6.2.5          kube-system
financial-portal           1           Tue Mar  5 20:54:59 2019    DEPLOYED    financial-portal-2.0.0           2.0.0          default
microperimeter-services    1           Tue Mar  5 20:54:27 2019    DEPLOYED    microperimeter-services-2.0.0    2.0.0          microperimeter-services
microperimeter-system      1           Tue Mar  5 20:52:34 2019    DEPLOYED    microperimeter-system-2.0.0      2.0.0          microperimeter-system

On a correctly installed environment, STATUS should be DEPLOYED like on the example above.

In the case of failed installation, the status will be FAILED.

How to remove corrupted deployment

It is possible to remove corrupted deployment using:

helm delete --purge NAME


  • NAME - The name of the Kubernetes namespace

For example:

helm delete --purge microperimeter-services