Expose service API on Edge Gateway


In this guide we describe how to expose a service API on Edge Gateway. We assume we have a service with endpoints configured.

Step 1. Navigate to Edge Gateway tab

  1. Navigate to MicroPerimeterâ„¢ Dashboard.
  2. Select Edge Gateway tab in navigation bar.

Step 2. Choose service

  1. Click on the service you are interested for.

Choose service

Step 3. Configure path prefix

If you want to expose all the service’s endpoints at common path prefix then you should configure it here.

We will have all the endpoints exposed with /financialportal path prefix.

Choose service

Step 4. Configure public endpoint

Choose whether your API should be anonymous or authenticated with OAuth access token.

You can also choose what authorization policy should be enforced when accessing the API.

Given the service path prefix /financialportal and endpoint path /transactions/{id}/dispute the public path is /financialportal/transactions/{id}/dispute

Choose service