Create a sample policy on MicroPerimeter™ Edge Gateway


This guide will show you how to create a sample access policy using MicroPerimeter™ Dashboard and its Policy Editor.

A policy can be then used to protect registered application endpoint.

Step 1. Navigate to Access Policies tab

  1. Open MicroPerimeter™ Dashboard in your browser
  2. Using the menu on the right navigate to Edge Gateway
  3. Click on the Access Policies tab

Access Policy list

Step 2. Create a new Policy

  1. Click on Add Policy
  2. Provider policy name
  3. Save your choice

Create sample policy After saving your policy you will be automatically redirected to MicroPerimeter™ Policy Editor.

Step 3. Remove default Fail validator

  1. Click on the Trash Icon on Fail validator box
  2. Confirm your choice

Remove Fail validator

After removing fail validator your Policy Editor screen should look like on the picture below:

Add new validator

Step 4. Add Headers validator

  1. Click on ADD VALIDATOR
  2. In Add new validator select Headers validator

Select Headers validator

Step 5. Configure Headers validator

  1. On Headers validator click on ADD FIELD
  2. Type name of the header
  3. Select proper comparator
  4. Type in the value of the header Configure Headers validator
  5. Click SAVE, on Field condition modal
  6. Save your changes on Headers validator

Step 6. Save policy

After saving the configuration for Headers validator, click on SAVE on Policy Editor to save a policy

Sample Policy view

Congratulations! You’ve created a policy for MicroPerimeter™ Edge

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