API Security

The MicroPerimeter™ protects services by protecting their APIs. No API call to a service can be made without MicroPerimeter™ Edge and/or MicroPerimeter™ Sidecar proxing that call and enforcing the authorization policy.

The MicroPerimeter™ provides a strict control over APIs exposed by services. It lets control the internal API exposure as well as public API exposure.

The OpenAPI specification is used to define set of APIs exposed by services. It can be imported via UI or CI/CD pipelines can configure it.

Only APIs explicitly selected in the MicroPerimeter™ Edge configuration are exposed publicly. The MicroPerimeter™ Edge holds the configuration of authentication methods required to access these APIs.

The MicroPerimeter™ Edge takes into advantage all above information as well as transformation configured at the gateway to and generates the API specification of publicly exposed API set. This publicly facing APIs specification itself may be exposed publicly, so that any developer who wants to integrate their application with the service APIs can generate client SDK instantly.